When you feel the pleasure of running

Nicest feelings are free!

Yes, I know my next entry was suposed to be in a week but after watching a couple of videos of Kilian Jornet and Sebastien Montaz I couldn’t resist it.

Kilian’s Quest Again, every time I see this guy in a video makes me participate of his joy because he enjoys running, running means enjoy, not all the people can understand what’s behind everyday effort, such a lot swear and sometimes even pain, in this video you can appreciate the most attractive face, people feeling nature, sharing experiences, and having fun just jumping, running and finishing exhausted but with a big smile on their face, because that’s what we have to try to get, I’m lucky to live where I live I can step asphalt or going up the mountain, where the word silence has it’s best meaning, reaching the top, have a look back and see a small point far away, that point is your starting point and then your smile is bigger, you are alone but you would love to make it know to all the people, you are right there, and there’s not any money to pay that feeling. I can really ensure that the most amazing and satisfying moments of my life were due to my effort or simply easy and simple things that life brings, but you must have all your senses opened and able to get them, they are all there in everywhere they are not hidden, in fact it’s you who don’t see them.

Close your eyes and then try to be that 3 years old kid who is discovering the world, feel yourself astonished for every single bee fying from flower to flower, that branch movement because of the wind, that frozen winter breeze hitting your face, it is not only cold, free your mind, open senses and enjoy it is free.

Links: Sebastian Montaz   Kilian’s Quest


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3 thoughts on “Nicest feelings are free!

  1. elizabethhoward1 on said:

    What a beautiful post! I love running for these reasons as well 🙂

  2. elizabethhoward1 on said:

    Just watched the video! That looks like so much fun!

  3. Thanks Elizabeth, some people see us as “those weird people with running shoes” but we know what a lot of satisfaction we get, we must be proud of it, and enjoy every single second. Thanks for your comment, next weekend I’m going to south of France so hope I can do nice runs, I will try to post it at my back. Thx again

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