When you feel the pleasure of running

Spring runners (Ironical)

Somewhere in the future, or not, your spring runner locator radar says…

  • Bziiiip! bziiiip! bziiip!! Path number 7 is collapsed by 368 new spring “runners” , from station corner to Mary Lou’s bakery,  want to look for an alternative route? 

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated it could perfectly be a situation in a futuristic,  fantastic and comical film.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was comfortable on the sofa after my almost daily workout I was having a chat and the other person told me that spring was there where she lives and it was just the right time when that people who was hidden like a bear in their “winter cove” started to think in summer, in trying to lose those “couple” of kilograms and see themselves very good-looking for summer time.

Of course there are some exceptions, but from each 100 people who try it, only 2 keeps practising and running for weeks, months or even years. However I can’t take out of my mind the typical picture of the occasional runner who suddenly goes to Decathlon to get full and cool equipment, some running and colourful shoes, and rest of clothes of the most known brands. Just arriving their home they start to call their fellows to join for a run, but not everybody is ready for that “challenge” in this right moment, so finally they decide to do it by their own, (in the hidden side of their mind) they think it will better that way because there won’t be any witness.

They usually tries one, two, three days a couple of weeks

40% stop the second day, running is TIRING you have to move legs and .. you SWEAR! :-((

20% start to feel pain in their knees and legs and they give up. (They never thought body is more than face, hair tits and ass,) They have legs and they hurt!!

15% prefer sitting their lazy ass having a beer when better weather is coming than keep running.

10% realize that is not that cool at all

13% start to feel depressed when they see they are not loosing weight (in only 3 running days) and the worst … they are even more hungry!!

So when winter arrives, cold, wind and rain, there are only 2 left , these 2 are really proud of themselves, they feel great, they can run longer and what’s more they ENJOY! they never thought that amount of suffering would be so satisfying, and then, they stop using their, “spring runner locator radar” there’s not any need, paths are empty for next 10 months.

By the way, congratulations for being the other one of those 2 last ones, we have to be proud, we get it, and now we have ended to read this post with a smile, and we think we are lucky we RUN!

Ps. Just take this post as a comical situation, I never laugh of those ones who try to get a better and healthy life, they tried at least.


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7 thoughts on “Spring runners (Ironical)

  1. I am always double hungry the next day after an intense workout… And its really annoying sometimes! I eat and eat and eat… and it seems that I am still HUNGRY. Or even worse, sometimes I crave for chocolate more than ever. Don’t know if it can be related to my exercises…

    • mmm well that’s a problem so … try to run the double then!!! 😛 joking, yes sometimes it happens to me when I finish running, but I eat small quantity of food but quite often, then my stomach has became smaller and with less food I fell full, what’s more I realized that in fact body doesn’t need too much food, as less food it has as better they asimilate nutrients, and that’s a fact, body become more efficient. I think my full daily diet is almost the one meal (dinner or lunch) of the most of the people.

  2. As a runner whoy prefers winter running, I never understand why suddenly you see so many people out running when it gets hot and sunny. For me, these are the worst conditions as you get sweaty, dehydrated…anyway, you have just explained it to me and I will have a little laugh the next time I see these “fair weather” runners. 🙂

  3. I’m one of those spring runners… well, I have to say I started i autumn but then winter came and it was not only rain and cold, it was ice, snow and -15 ºC. You can see people running here in Sweden even under the worst conditions but, hey, I come from the South of Spain and by now I simply cannot cope with that.
    This is my second asaut, then, wish me luck!

    Nic blog, btw. Regards!

  4. Of course the best luck, and thanks for liking my blog which is more an entertainment without any other proposal, about the post…. you know what I mean, I’m more talking about those, who only run twice or three times, and then they stop, your case it is slightly different, however…. start to run now again and if you managed to do it quite often…. I’m sure that when cold arrives you will do whatever you can to keep running, so come on! Aunque seas del sur de España, buena ropa de abrigo, gorro, guantes, y aunque sean 3 kilometros lo harás, yo a -15ºc no lo he hecho pero a -5ºC si, y la verdad es que no es tan malo, lo peor el aire al respirar. Animo Yes you can!! Saludos desde Barcelona

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