When I started this blog, I told my self I wouldn’t write too often, just once a week or less, but today it is different, I decided not going to run, tomorrow I’m going to spend a few days in south of France, so I spent a couple of hours packing my bag.

  • What’s the important thing on it?
  • I’m going to a nice, place the north face of Pyrenees mountains, (wonderful)
  • I’m going to a worldwide known hotel-restaurant (cool)
  • I’m going to eat healthy, macrobiotic food,  (yummi)
  • I’m going to relax, have some books, nice music  (great)

But the most important thing for me, is running by the french countryside, yes it must seem silly, “I’m in France oh là là” bienvenue a le mellieur pays du monde!! ” bon jour, bon soir comment allez vous? champagne,…mais….. yes, can’t wait to do some run over there.

What’s more, I think my running clothes are filling more than the half of my bag!!

What happens?? I know it, I became addicted to run! and there’s nothing YOU can do. 😛


8 thoughts on “I’m going to France Oh là là, but the most important for me is…

  1. Happens to me all the time now. I go to Moscow for a weekend and instead of just a backpack I take a full bag of running gear. Especially in winter!! With all the jackets etc. Abd when I traveled to Montreal first thing I did after checking into the hotel was to go run around. It is an addiction, and most people just don’t understand!!

    1. :- ) Yep, it is not easy to explain to the rest of the people, and not easy to understand for them, Are we obsessed? :- P lovely obsession! Enjoy your weekend in there and send me a Postcard :- P
      Enjoy and run, run and enjoy, run, run, run !!

    1. Thanks Koji! it is in my plan, have some pictures while running and explain the “experience” on that place, you will know about it in my next post.

  2. Have a nice time there…can’t wait to see nice pictures about the nature of spring of France 🙂

  3. Heh it is funny that you just went to my country recently — I grew up in France and I am returning home next week after nearly 10 years of being far away! I’m glad you enjoyed it, the “tourunning” post made me smile a lot 🙂

    1. well you can see my blog just pretend to be a “funny” and not serious sight of my running world, next post will be about barefoot (I’m starting on it) I’m mad I know it!! are you from France??? That’s great! Im glad my post made you smile, that’s my main target when writting! 😉

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