When you feel the pleasure of running

Rules, or breaking rules? (I’m never satisfied)

“Changeable, unsatisfied, perfectionist, unpredictable, non stopping mind, that’s me!! “

Have you ever had something finished and then for any reason you have changed your opinion and keep it parked and started another one again?

I’m that way, can’t change it, I have always some started posts, and then I develop them depending of the day, today I threw my finished post out and now I’m writing this one while I’m cooking ( I think my food will end burnt) So that’s what happens to me while running.

Completely unpredictable, and always breaking “stablished rules”

  • Do stretching before running (I never do)
  • Do stretching after running (I never do)
  • Don’t run after having strong meal ( rule? is it a rule?)
  • Am I using pronating, neutral, underpronating running shoes? I don’t care, I run by mountains where it is not important

Body is not as perfect as numbers, 2+2 are not always 4 when we talk about body.

I forgot I’m cooking .. be back in seconds!…

I hate stablished rules, but before starting a new activity everybody need some first steps to follow more or less accurately, for example if you want to be a painter, you will ask about the technic in painting or if you want to be a cook you will learn about, roasting, baking and you will end spheriphicating.

But then the rebel side of me says: WTF ! let me paint and cook as I want.

Revolution, inspiration, fun, perfection (on my own way)!

I’m not a runner, I just run, I never go to official competitions, maybe one day I’ll do but just to experience it.

What do I mean with it? I just want to do what I want, enjoying, if I would had to stretch some minutes before running I would had stopped running, I changed the stretching, for a few minutes of a slow run, the same when I finish, I walk for some minutes or I change exercise doing a very fast run. I never do same route and I change it in every corner depending on my sensations, and needs, and I even can do 20 kms when I was suposed to do just 5kms, I do night runs in the darkness without any light. Am I a crazy man? Sure, but let me enjoy my madness.

So…. what’s the main target of this post?  Simply only one, If you feel you are not completely satisfy, or you are starting to be bored…change it!

Do whatever you want, 

Learn by your self,

Get wrong,


By the way…. And this is a real unbreakable rule,  dont write while cooking, my lunch definetly is burnt, so…..


Pizza “Hat”, Good morning, can I help you?…… 




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19 thoughts on “Rules, or breaking rules? (I’m never satisfied)

  1. As usual I love your posts!!!!
    And I don’t know, I just hate the fact that the people who I live with just don’t find running entertaining.The fact that when I achieve something good in running and I tell them, its like telling someone about maths when the hate maths. Unfortunately that is the case, and I believe it doesn’t happen just over here.
    Keep it up!

  2. Hi Maria never give up, yes I know it happens in some societies, however you run because you want, you run because you like and you enjoy, running world is wide, and internet give us the chance of sharing our success with similar people and maybe who knows …maybe the neighbour 10 meters away where you live is in the similar case 😉

  3. When it comes to running, I see no rules, besides “just go and run”. My three year old loves to watch races and cheer strangers on. This July, she intend to join her first kids race. Now I can cheer!

  4. Lol ! That’s great, enjoying things, that’s the most important in everything we do, thanks for your comment, Let’s cheer together 😉

  5. Haha. Love this post! I go back and forth between following “rules” when I run and following none. Some of my runs are more structured, with a goal pace or mileage in mind, but I have to mix in some fun runs, where I have no goals, no plan, wear no garmin, and just go where and however fast I want. If I didn’t include those types of runs, I’d go crazy.

  6. Greetings from a fellow rule breaker! Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I’m about to start cooking my lunch, so I’ll take your advice and sign off first, haha. Nice to “meet” you!

  7. Hey Miquel – thanks for liking my post earlier today. Much appreciated. Do follow/subscribe. Btw, I’ve posted a link to your blog on my blogroll. if you add a blogroll – at least, I can’t see it – would you add me back? Best, and keep on running. Sam

  8. Divinely Introduced. Divinely Led. on said:

    I love your freedom to be you and learn from your mistakes. I love it!!!!!!!!

    • That’s best way to know your self, you must not be afraid of being wrong, so try it step by step, starting from tiny things and then growing and growing 🙂

  9. DuneBlog on said:

    Reblogged this on DuneBlog and commented:
    I like the ending of this post (the last part):
    “So…. what’s the main target of this post? Simply only one, If you feel you are not completely satisfy, or you are starting to be bored…change it!
    Do whatever you want,
    Learn by your self,
    Get wrong,
    But ENJOY!”

  10. DuneBlog on said:

    Hi Miguel, I just reblogged this post. I like much the last part. And thanks for Plus-ing 😉

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I love your take on running , I am new to running and honestly if you had told me this time last year that I would look forward to running I would have laughed in your face , and it doesnt help that all my friends think ive gone off of the deep end 🙂 I have been a stickler for all of the rules listed above lol i’ve been trying to make sure I do everything “right” But I think you have a very good point and it may just be time for a run on the wild side 😛

    • haha!! you are doing the right thing anyway, first time you enter to this world it is better to follow stablished rules but then once you know your body……free your wishes. It was just a funny post, to avoid falling in a boring routine, there are not rules when you try to enjoy what you do, that’s all, keep working hard and enjoying never give up and if someday you are tempted to stop running invented yourself, try something new but never never stop, you know how pleasant it is. thanks for commenting and folowing lets make this world better 😉

  12. I love running blogs, and Spain, so thanks for stopping by my site, and giving me a chance to see you write about both. You’re so lucky not to have to follow the running rules! My husband is like you, doesn’t worry about those things, but for me — age has caught up, and I’ve found I have to do the stretching, wear good shoes, etc, to avoid injuries. Whatever it takes to keep the fun going – it’s worth it!

    • Thanks for comment, well about breaking rules…. the main I wanted to say was the last thing, changing things when you are starting to feel bored or tired, living in Panama must be great, I’ve been in Costa Rica and… life is so easy / hard in there 😛 and yes Spain is great, outside the 4/5 metropolitan areas 🙂

  13. Ana on said:

    Es genial Miquel como tu!!!

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