When you feel the pleasure of running

Now I just can’t fight this feeling We should be runners

Now I just can’t fight this feeling    
We should be runners
We should be runners

Now I just can’t fight this feeling
We should be runners



Absolutely right, and why? so easy, everybody knows the healthy benefits of running but what about the rest?

I mean, and let me explain some of my last cases:

Yes call me “crazy man” I know it, I am that way and  I wrote it several times before, but a few weeks ago I had an awful rainy, cold and mentally low Sunday, finally I went to bed and everything was even worst. It was almost 00.00h and then I said WTF, I took my running shoes, and went for a short, intensive, fast, extremely fast run. It was only 15 minutes, running, listening the hardest songs, stepping on the puddles, doing the longest steps,  but do you know why? When I arrived home I was exhausted, completely wet because of the rain but my mind was completely free, a light shower and then again to bed but with the biggest smile ever and thinking absolutely positively

I was the King that right moment, I felt powerful, I was like Chuck Norris fighting alone against 34.589 terrorists and ending victorious. 😛

Today was similar but not that extreme, last Thursday I twisted my ankle for first time (doing a crazy run down the hill) was quite light as it didn’t make me stop, but then the next day I felt it was not fine at all, well, blah, blah, caring it, blah blah, some ice, blah, blah, so today Monday, I had a hard day at the office, it was a cloudy day, raining…. but then at home I said once again the magical words WTF!! (they sounds so good)  and took my magical running shoes.

Oh everything seems to be magical! so… what happens when you mix magical ingredients and you try to run!

BOOOMM !! yes it works, 4 kms ! 4:25 min/km my God, just wanted to check my twisted ankle!  Twisted?? Ankle? which one? I was flying! and once again I dried the floor, there was not rain to stop me! and here I am, writing this post, Inspired like Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Paul Auster, Ken Follet, all in one, endorphines have a huge effect on me.

And what about all of you ??

I just think,  Now I just can’t fight this feeling We should be runners

Just can’t fight this feeling

By the way sometimes I listen that song while running


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13 thoughts on “Now I just can’t fight this feeling We should be runners

  1. Hey …. Nice too see you here in word press, I can say that you’re a good and great runner
    It’s good if we had some great activity, trying to run away form something (even if only for a while). I don’t like run, I like to ride my bike and jogging. So if I get bored or something stuck in my mind, I took my bike or my jogging shoes. Yes it’s nice …. Try to running away from something …
    Have a nice and great day

    • Thanks for comment, it is good you have some exercise which help you those moments, and about you don’t like running shhhhh I want to tell you a secret I was like you, I hated nad thought it was boring, but there was an advertisement of a famous drink which says… “if you you don’t like it means you haven’t tasted it enough” 😛 believe me it is fantastic and the most of the runners would tell you the same, have a nice day!! 🙂

  2. I just want to add that people often ask me what it is that I like about running. And I tell them that I don’t perceive it as sport, and I certainly don’t do it to lose weight or any other such reasons. Its my time away from work and computer, when I am free and I can be left alone with my thoughts. Once your body starts moving in a certain rhythm you don’t even pay any attention to the mechanics. And then you are free to concentrate your mind on something else. It is like meditation, but so much better. Sometimes a 20 min run is all I need to reset myself from a had data at work and feel happy 🙂

  3. Yes you are absolutely right, and people don’t understand it, they only see running as a way to loose weight, and then when you explain them what you feel mentally, they treat you as a “crazy” swearing, and doing effort helps ? anyway, I love arriving to that “Nirvana” state while running! 🙂 Thx for comment

    • I started running to lose weight and lower blood pressure so I would not have to take medications. The weight loss has been slow but the body transformation amazing. I feel good and confident about myself. The high you get when running can not be explained only felt.

      • That’s it! running is a very good activity and when I feel low, no matter when.. I do a run, then everything change on my mind, is the best medecine.
        Keep doing it that great, no matter how long you have to wait to reach your perfect weight, but don’t worry you will get it. You know the benefits and you are feeling them so I’m absolutely sure you will be a runner for a very long time. Go, Go, Go! 😉

  4. When I’m my zone, running is great… A great time for thinking through a lot of life’s problems. They are usually solved by the time I get home.

  5. DuneBlog on said:

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    I like this post and thought to share it also among my community.

  6. I’m big on running whilst listening to club music too! it really lifts my heart until I feel like I’m really flying and about to break through to some other dimension… 😀

  7. Great post, I finally got to read it! I just love to run -especially on the trails. Yes it helps me lose weight, however it’s a very liberating feeling that one must experience since it cannot be simply explained.

    By the way, I’m adding additional “Running Thoughts” posts on my blog, so stay tuned! Peace!

  8. I could not agree more, running makes the day better. A week ago when I was diagnosed with cancer they originally told me not to run. After my PET/CT scan I begged them to run because I was feeling fine. I have logged 15 miles in the last 5 days and I continue to smile despite every thing else going on.

    I too have magical running shoes my mood improves when I put them on and run.

    • Yes that’s right, as long as you can, don’t stop, exercising is then most unknown and underutilitazed antidepressant, so smile be positive and do some run.
      I m sure your running shoes are now even more magical than before 🙂 if you want to join to a social sport place, You can find me on endomondo as a miquel dg, it is like a family where everybody is encouraging and help other runners.

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