For personal reasons, I stopped posting, but last days I got a couple of messages asking me for a new post (which I really love).

I’m not very kind of writing a technical one, because I always say I’m only a guy who loves running and don’t follow rules so here it is just my own personal experience.

It was asked me…. What can I do to get ready for a half Marathon? 

Let me think…..mmmm well… so…. I think … no, no, I guess… yes, maybe, sure it is… Ask to a professional 😛

Joking, in my case there was one thing that helped me a lot: “micoach” first time I started to run I was a fool, I started to run out of control, so I was only able to run about 2 kms, ending completely drained and the worst I felt injured. So then after stopping a few months, I found out that software for my smartphone, the first day it made me a check to know my physical situation, I hated it!! it made me run faster and faster every 3 minutes for very long and never ending 12 minutes my God 12 MINUTES!! I was almost about to through my smartphone to the river!. But it was worthy, til that moment I just started a plan to get a better fit and it worked!!! It made me slow down when I was running fast, and made me go faster when I was going slow, it showed me the importance of a low pace run, it is called the confort zone, the pace where you can recover after a hard effort, and you can run for longer distances.

Day after day,  I extended my workouts, I felt better and if the workout was supposed to do a 25 minutes running I kept running a few minutes more.

I learnt to adapt my routes, I just wanted to do longer ones, so if one day I felt I was perfect I chose a hard route, but if I was not fine I chose an easy one.

Mixing mountain runs with asphalt helped me too, it is hard, really hard but so pleasant Nowadays I’m running more by mountain than by asphalt because the feeling you get when you arrive to the top, and enjoying nature and silence are splendid.

Turning to micoach plans, their workouts are great, mixin easy runs, and the next day series, goinf fast and slow, fast and slow, for a few minutes always guiding you. However the most important is enjoying every day. I stopped using micoach because I wanted to run by my own, without any stablished plan, but now I do everything  I learnt whenever I want.

So the final result was that 4 months later I started to run, I did my first half marathon, and believe me, the first time you do that…. Woohoo!!!  it is an unbelievable feeling, so if you want to do it…. just try it and try it, be patient learn about your body, about finding your perfect pace don’t feel bad if you run slow, and some day without thinking about it, you will start running and running and running your brain will be free, you won’t want to stop and … “Voilà”  22kms!!

Post dedicated to my main follower

Thanks for reading me and “force” me to keep posting ! 😉 can’t wait to know she get it succesfully!


4 thoughts on “A technical post? oh no my God ? I’m not that good! (just a petition)

  1. Thank you so much 🙂 that gives me a clue how to get ready for that… And you’re motivating me! Thx! 🙂

  2. What a pleasure to read such an inspiring post. I hope you will write more (dunno about your personal reasons but you are so good at writing – no less than running:-), please keep on!)

    1. Thanks a lot, I promise I will keep posting more often and even better, I have not patience enough while I’m writing, and the when it is published … I say… Oh my God what a terrible mistakes, and I start correcting, changing and adding sentences. By the way I accept ideas for posting, you know I always try to create a “funny” and informal post. Thanks for your ecouragement, and don’t forget, “Go, Go, Go! ” 😉

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