Last weeks have been very passionate ones, everybody who knows me, knows how much I love running, unfortunately I discovered this world quite late, I’m 43 and started 15 months ago, Yes I love running but I think I even love more when I can help people , when someone starts running because of me, when in the Endomondo’s social network I can congratulate people who has reached a good mark, I like knowing their own paces and I try to choose the right words every time in order to encourage them. The same I love when people realize mine ones.

As I explained in an old post, I got a one-word message by my Twitter account, and it was just a “Thanks” I asked about the meaning of that “thanks”, and it was told me, it was because she started to run because of my words, and now she is really enjoying every time, she is not a sports lover so it means a lot to me.

Yesterday I wanted to introduce my 6 years old kid inside this world, he knows I run but as I’m not with him everyday, he has never seen me running, so I thought it was the right moment, and after cycling about 10 kilometers together I told him about doing something different, and he says YES!!  we went back home and I changed my clothes for a run, he joined me with his bicycle, riding at my side, pushing me up all the time, making me run faster, making jokes, having fun, for a few hundred meters we were running/riding in the middle of the streets and it was a nice feeling when the most of the cars stopped by advance patiently so we can cross safely, I thanked them all and they smiled us, it was such a nice “postcard”, the same with the people we crossed, I live in a small village and they are used to see me always running or riding, but this time was quite different. So there’s not any excuse if you want to run you can, everything has its solution.

It is said “food is the most extended anti-anxiety drug in the first world, and running is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant”  and I just can say, completely agree.

Let’s keep moving the world, we can make people feel better,

Yes We can!


7 thoughts on “Sharing in our crazy runners world

  1. Hey Miquel,
    I didn’t know you had a son! It is great that you are teaching him to be active early in life. It will help shape the adult he will become. All 3 of my adult children are very active also.

    1. Hello Kathy! what a nice surprise, thanks for comment and for liking, yes I have him not as often as I would like, I try to keep a bit of privacy he can’t still choose being in social network, maybe one day he will be the next president (joking) so I try to keep him away of it.Thanks again for visiting my blog, I just write for fun, so I’m open for any idea, critics or whatever you think. and yes it is very important to let children know about the kind face of sport, so that’s what I will try. Have a nice Sunday!!

    1. Yes that’s right, I ve been thinking the way to share those things with him, next time he wants to run too, (you can well imagine how short it can be) so I will take him to the running ring, so he can run a bit and then stay there resting till I finish and having him controlled, and of course I want to make him love mountain, so some hiking for sure even in summer to that place in the Pyrinees I told you about, it is plenty of activities for children.

  2. And you really can help people and that is amazing!
    I haven’t have children yet…but when I’m at home i usually go for a bike ride with my cousins (4,8) and they really like 🙂 or even just running around with them, having fun 🙂

  3. Yes, Timmy do you know what I love helping ? Simply because I know how much I enjoy, how much it helps to me and how good it is and would love everybody will feel the same, it will help such a lot of people and….. thinking in big things world would be better 🙂

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