When you feel the pleasure of running


  • Because running is life,
  • Because when you run, there’s an exact moment when you feel you can rule the world
  • Because it seems nothing can stop you.
  • Because I would love people can get this feeling
  • Because the main target in running is getting that moment.

All kind of movements are beautiful, but..        I’M ADDICTED TO RUN

This blog doesn’t pretend to be a technical, professional or full of advises about running world just the opposite, they are just some chained words coming from my modesty feelings and thoughts I want to share,  since I started in May 2011,  it brought me big amounts of nice feelings and some troubles too, but good things win,  I’ve even met people around the world, internet makes world be as small as a bean and although circumstances, weather and landscapes are different we all enjoy the same.

So people around the world, let’s move our legs !!

Running it is not about being the fastest, the strongest or the biggest, it is about being ourselves, we are not just runners, we are people, and we don’t know if we will find it, but we are going in search of happiness…


5 thoughts on “About..

  1. DuneBlog on said:

    We are a group of runners on We have started a group on gPlus and would like to ask if you want to join where we can more easely discuss all about running (e.g. Nutrition, Health, Apparels, Training, etc)? Check out my Blog “” and look out for the short post on G+ there you find my link. Let me know if you have questions.
    Hope to see you there.

    • Thanks for invitation, but I have too many fronts opened, facebook, facebook page, wp, twitter, blogger, G+, endomondo, sportstracklive, micoach…… and I’m starting to suffer a lack of time 😦 thanks anyway and I will try to have a look. 😉

      • DuneBlog on said:

        Thanks miquel. I know how that feels when you are pressured from all sides 😉
        I now have created a Page on my Blog specifically for this purpose. If you don’t mind helping to promote it I much would appreciate. The proper link is http:/
        Many thanks miquel

  2. Irina_M on said:

    Hello, I am Irina from Endomondo! Thank you for invitation. I have subscribed with a pleasure. I can also invite you to read my blog but it’s in Russian. I am not ready to translate it to English yet. But I WIIL read you entries 🙂

    • Hi! it will be nice reading yours too, Mr. Google is a very helpful tool doing traslations :-)) and thanks for comment and for reading 🙂

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