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Tall skinny tree or a wide leafy one?

There are moments in life when things change, maybe just a simple thing can make your life do a 180º turn, some other times there’s a chain reaction, I love this last one, because it is a non stop sequence of situations, I’m just looking at me 6 months ago and I’m looking at me now, I was happier before but not fully satisfied but now I almost need anything more, yes nothing is perfect I know it could be better, but I just want to think I’m still in the middle of that full happiness, it will arrive, I will fight so it arrives and that’s the secret fighting to get it and not being sat down on the sofa waiting happiness knock on your door.
Yes. I’m happy and I want to be happier I’m not talking about wanting more and ore and more without seeing an ending line, no I don’t neam that, I don’t want that, I just want to arrive where I want, and then when I arrive I will fight to keep it alive, work everyday on it, yes I know it can be tireing but that’s the ABC of life, the most of the times it is quite easy to improve quickly in the beginning, because everything is new, every short step seems to be huge, you can see you are going up and up, and you feel great, but once you reach the top is when it is harder and your interes can decrease, that’s the moment of doing some light changes that can make you wide your view and pushing you up again, maybe we can compare this with a tree, they grow quickly up but then it starts to be wide, to have more branches and branches leaving another ones, and at the end when you see this tree from the outside it is a wonderful leafy full of life tree.

Do you prefer being a tall skinny tree or a wide leafy one?

You choose is your choice


Sharing in our crazy runners world

Last weeks have been very passionate ones, everybody who knows me, knows how much I love running, unfortunately I discovered this world quite late, I’m 43 and started 15 months ago, Yes I love running but I think I even love more when I can help people , when someone starts running because of me, when in the Endomondo’s social network I can congratulate people who has reached a good mark, I like knowing their own paces and I try to choose the right words every time in order to encourage them. The same I love when people realize mine ones.

As I explained in an old post, I got a one-word message by my Twitter account, and it was just a “Thanks” I asked about the meaning of that “thanks”, and it was told me, it was because she started to run because of my words, and now she is really enjoying every time, she is not a sports lover so it means a lot to me.

Yesterday I wanted to introduce my 6 years old kid inside this world, he knows I run but as I’m not with him everyday, he has never seen me running, so I thought it was the right moment, and after cycling about 10 kilometers together I told him about doing something different, and he says YES!!  we went back home and I changed my clothes for a run, he joined me with his bicycle, riding at my side, pushing me up all the time, making me run faster, making jokes, having fun, for a few hundred meters we were running/riding in the middle of the streets and it was a nice feeling when the most of the cars stopped by advance patiently so we can cross safely, I thanked them all and they smiled us, it was such a nice “postcard”, the same with the people we crossed, I live in a small village and they are used to see me always running or riding, but this time was quite different. So there’s not any excuse if you want to run you can, everything has its solution.

It is said “food is the most extended anti-anxiety drug in the first world, and running is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant”  and I just can say, completely agree.

Let’s keep moving the world, we can make people feel better,

Yes We can!

Now I just can’t fight this feeling We should be runners

Now I just can’t fight this feeling    
We should be runners
We should be runners

Now I just can’t fight this feeling
We should be runners



Absolutely right, and why? so easy, everybody knows the healthy benefits of running but what about the rest?

I mean, and let me explain some of my last cases:

Yes call me “crazy man” I know it, I am that way and  I wrote it several times before, but a few weeks ago I had an awful rainy, cold and mentally low Sunday, finally I went to bed and everything was even worst. It was almost 00.00h and then I said WTF, I took my running shoes, and went for a short, intensive, fast, extremely fast run. It was only 15 minutes, running, listening the hardest songs, stepping on the puddles, doing the longest steps,  but do you know why? When I arrived home I was exhausted, completely wet because of the rain but my mind was completely free, a light shower and then again to bed but with the biggest smile ever and thinking absolutely positively

I was the King that right moment, I felt powerful, I was like Chuck Norris fighting alone against 34.589 terrorists and ending victorious. 😛

Today was similar but not that extreme, last Thursday I twisted my ankle for first time (doing a crazy run down the hill) was quite light as it didn’t make me stop, but then the next day I felt it was not fine at all, well, blah, blah, caring it, blah blah, some ice, blah, blah, so today Monday, I had a hard day at the office, it was a cloudy day, raining…. but then at home I said once again the magical words WTF!! (they sounds so good)  and took my magical running shoes.

Oh everything seems to be magical! so… what happens when you mix magical ingredients and you try to run!

BOOOMM !! yes it works, 4 kms ! 4:25 min/km my God, just wanted to check my twisted ankle!  Twisted?? Ankle? which one? I was flying! and once again I dried the floor, there was not rain to stop me! and here I am, writing this post, Inspired like Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Paul Auster, Ken Follet, all in one, endorphines have a huge effect on me.

And what about all of you ??

I just think,  Now I just can’t fight this feeling We should be runners

Just can’t fight this feeling

By the way sometimes I listen that song while running

I’m going to France Oh là là, but the most important for me is…

When I started this blog, I told my self I wouldn’t write too often, just once a week or less, but today it is different, I decided not going to run, tomorrow I’m going to spend a few days in south of France, so I spent a couple of hours packing my bag.

  • What’s the important thing on it?
  • I’m going to a nice, place the north face of Pyrenees mountains, (wonderful)
  • I’m going to a worldwide known hotel-restaurant (cool)
  • I’m going to eat healthy, macrobiotic food,  (yummi)
  • I’m going to relax, have some books, nice music  (great)

But the most important thing for me, is running by the french countryside, yes it must seem silly, “I’m in France oh là là” bienvenue a le mellieur pays du monde!! ” bon jour, bon soir comment allez vous? champagne,…mais….. yes, can’t wait to do some run over there.

What’s more, I think my running clothes are filling more than the half of my bag!!

What happens?? I know it, I became addicted to run! and there’s nothing YOU can do. 😛

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