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5 kms Personal best, after being injured

After being injured for 10 days, I’m back, and surprisingly I run fast, too fast I think, I just wanted to see how my right leg was going, and to prove my new Nike dual fusion, I will talk about it later, but they made me run fast, really fast, I was completely unable to go slow. Turning back to my workout I felt quite well, but will wait til tomorrow.

I realized I was running fast (for me) and then after 3 kms I decided to push a bit so I could do my best, without forcing too much, Im sure I could do it better but will try another day, having a look to my history, five months ago I run 5kms in 26′ 16″ and now I can do it in 22′ 20″ so I’m proud it means 4 minutes less, almost 50″ per kilometer. I’m happy

Best personal 5km


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