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Yes I run, but what kind of run do you do?

It has been long time since I started to think on this topic, people say…. Yes I run, but what kind of run do you really do? I found some really great pictures of a famous photographer Kevin Winzeler and made me think more about it.

-City run, night run, trail, ultra speed one, treadmill at the gym,free run,  long distances, acrobatic, ultra, skyliner…..

I started with the easy one, the most usual, just some jogging by the city, but as soon I started to know different ones I decided it was time to try to change, none of them is better or worst than the others, but I found a few of them, one when I have time enough and it is the real that gives me more and the others depending on my mood.

Running can change your mind, body and spirit. When I run I feel invincible, I feel free.

Kobe Bryant

When I decided my target, I thought, I’m crazy, I can’t do that, that’s only for young and very good runners, but what the hell!! and I did it! It has been hard (I’m still on it) , but day after day I was doing more and more and more, and then I arrived just in a point that I was completely unable to believe what I can do, sometimes I take my bike and do the same route, and then I say WOW!! There are days that I have a look from home to some of the points I arrived and say..I did it! So there’s anything impossible, it is said that when you have a target in life things start to appear in your line of that target, so… go for it. A couple of days ago I found this video on youtube, if you think you still don’t know, what kind of run you would like to do… then have a look, choose the image you like the most, and go for it without any excuse, because everybody can, YOU can!!

What kind of run do you like the most?

Ps If you want to know what’s the one I like the most…. 0’27”-0’42”

Ps2. Next target a 89kms route in 3 days!


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