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Tourism while running. Is it “tourunning” ?

Last long weekend I visited the French region of Haute Garonne, and spent a few days in Saint Gaudens in the famous hotel/restaurant called Cuisine et Santè center created years ago by René Levy who was disciple of George Oshawa a japanese who introduced macrobiotic diet in Europe …blah, blah, blah (if you are interested on him… Wikipedia 😉 )

cuisine et sante

I could run a couple of times despite of the changeable weather,  it was nice as I did some “tourism” while running, it might sound a bit strange but in fact it was something like a first preview, was funny and very useful, I mean before doing a real visit by the place I ran without any exact destination nor route, I let myself get lost trying to go as far as I could,in some way it helped me while running and made my workout easier, my mind was 49% in learning my route, 49% admiring everything and 2% trying to avoid all the amount of dog’s pooh in everywhere!! I felt like an “explorer” …

  • oh what a church!
  • wow I love that shop
  • nice park,
  • what a church! (ooopss it was the same first one) ,
  • lovely place for having a coffee,
  • mmm yummi bakery don’t stop, don’t stop! 


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The one I saw was, (and maybe I’m wrong) they are not used to see runners  they even let me pass up while I was by the sidewalk smiling me. I think there’s an easy explanation… that’s the land of cycling culture, yes I saw some runners but the most I saw were in the official running track. Village was nice but those shopping areas located outside the center has killed life in the city, yes I know, city is less noisy, pollution, but I hate it, cities look like a desert.

I think I burnt all my fat,  macrobiotic diet is almost 100% fat-free, so a few days more in there and surely I would have reach the anorexic level!! oh sorry for that, I didn’t want to make fun about it, but certainly all the people working in there were extremely slim, and the ones I know out are that way too, sure they are healthy I have not any doubt, I know that diet since time ago as I mixed with traditional food, what’s more my dinner tonight will be whle grain rice with seaweed and vegetables, but can’t imagine doing hard exercise and being macrobiotic. (I will investigate about it)

Anyway I really enjoyed the wonderful green landscapes, lakes, forests, horses, castles, nice people and I even got a “present” of there and will last for a few days… I got a flue, so resting time!!

Ps. I never want to write a long and boring post, so feel free to ask whatever you want about it


I’m going to France Oh là là, but the most important for me is…

When I started this blog, I told my self I wouldn’t write too often, just once a week or less, but today it is different, I decided not going to run, tomorrow I’m going to spend a few days in south of France, so I spent a couple of hours packing my bag.

  • What’s the important thing on it?
  • I’m going to a nice, place the north face of Pyrenees mountains, (wonderful)
  • I’m going to a worldwide known hotel-restaurant (cool)
  • I’m going to eat healthy, macrobiotic food,  (yummi)
  • I’m going to relax, have some books, nice music  (great)

But the most important thing for me, is running by the french countryside, yes it must seem silly, “I’m in France oh là là” bienvenue a le mellieur pays du monde!! ” bon jour, bon soir comment allez vous? champagne,…mais….. yes, can’t wait to do some run over there.

What’s more, I think my running clothes are filling more than the half of my bag!!

What happens?? I know it, I became addicted to run! and there’s nothing YOU can do. 😛

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