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Rules, or breaking rules? (I’m never satisfied)

“Changeable, unsatisfied, perfectionist, unpredictable, non stopping mind, that’s me!! “

Have you ever had something finished and then for any reason you have changed your opinion and keep it parked and started another one again?

I’m that way, can’t change it, I have always some started posts, and then I develop them depending of the day, today I threw my finished post out and now I’m writing this one while I’m cooking ( I think my food will end burnt) So that’s what happens to me while running.

Completely unpredictable, and always breaking “stablished rules”

  • Do stretching before running (I never do)
  • Do stretching after running (I never do)
  • Don’t run after having strong meal ( rule? is it a rule?)
  • Am I using pronating, neutral, underpronating running shoes? I don’t care, I run by mountains where it is not important

Body is not as perfect as numbers, 2+2 are not always 4 when we talk about body.

I forgot I’m cooking .. be back in seconds!…

I hate stablished rules, but before starting a new activity everybody need some first steps to follow more or less accurately, for example if you want to be a painter, you will ask about the technic in painting or if you want to be a cook you will learn about, roasting, baking and you will end spheriphicating.

But then the rebel side of me says: WTF ! let me paint and cook as I want.

Revolution, inspiration, fun, perfection (on my own way)!

I’m not a runner, I just run, I never go to official competitions, maybe one day I’ll do but just to experience it.

What do I mean with it? I just want to do what I want, enjoying, if I would had to stretch some minutes before running I would had stopped running, I changed the stretching, for a few minutes of a slow run, the same when I finish, I walk for some minutes or I change exercise doing a very fast run. I never do same route and I change it in every corner depending on my sensations, and needs, and I even can do 20 kms when I was suposed to do just 5kms, I do night runs in the darkness without any light. Am I a crazy man? Sure, but let me enjoy my madness.

So…. what’s the main target of this post?  Simply only one, If you feel you are not completely satisfy, or you are starting to be bored…change it!

Do whatever you want, 

Learn by your self,

Get wrong,


By the way…. And this is a real unbreakable rule,  dont write while cooking, my lunch definetly is burnt, so…..


Pizza “Hat”, Good morning, can I help you?…… 




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