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October 29th, 2011 Workout and personal best in 5kms

was out running 5.63 km in 24m:48s using Endomondo and micoach

via Endomondo Corriendo Workout.

Finally I did it,following my training plan I was supposed to do 5kms in 23 minutes in the end of December so.. 2 months before… and 30% of the training plan made, I run 5kms in 21’36” (3 miles in 20’57”) and running against a strong and icy wind

Body dates:17,3% fat 58% water I’ve lost 3 kg since the last time I weight in February (I got an analysis scale to check weight, fat and water)

In my next entry you will see my progression in 5kms  since May til now.


New running shoes

After waiting six days, finally I received my new Nike dual-fusion,  I could wait and I run with them, I felt great but made me run too fast, I made my personal best in 5 km, but sincerely…. want to check them running slower, in my usual pace and enjoying every step, so will see how they go, I didn’t like they made me run so fast and my cardiometer almost exploded because the high heartbeat pace.

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