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Starting a new season!

It has been long time since last time I “wrote” well, in fact first ones were just checking how this blog works, so… “Now it’s time to work hardly” Can’t believe I’ve said that.

First of all, hope all of you can forgive my awful English which is not my mother tongue and as a self-learner I’m sure I’ve done almost about 346 mistakes in last 125 words, so hope al of you can understand it, of course I accept any grammatical and orthographical corrections.

Let’s back to my running world, which has been increased nicely because of  a “competition” on a soprt website it started on the most silly situation, just for fun, just to make a joke with the final “prize”  and mainly to make smile, so now after about 16 days it started we are over 120 kms. run, it is a lot, just because I was used to run between 5 to 10 kms. 4 days a weeks or 5 the most. It is absolutely incredible how the help of external situations can encourage you to do something like that, it was not a “real” competition, I don’t care being “the winner” or “the loser”, to be honest I hate competitions, but this one became a nice way to move that lazy ass in the afternoon after having a hard day at the office, What’s the reason because we need that? Don’t know it actually, the best reason that comes to my mind is that we need some encouraging situations, some motivations and in those low moments that sometimes we have. Yes I know that when we are running, everything around us disappear, your mind gets clear, and you feel the most powerful moments, but starting to do that on cold, rainy or tiring days sometimes is not easy. So writting this blog is another way to push me on my running routine, because I dont want it ends as an obligation, or as a something boring.

Yesterday, I did one of those workouts that makes you feel that you are not in this world, it was just and easy one, running slowly, but for some reason I started to do some pictures shots around me and playing with my “smartphone”  even doing some social media publications while running, yes, yes I know it is something unforgivable for the “purist” of running world, but… do you know what??  Mind is so powerful that when I realized, I was going up and down the hill all the time , without any effort, so I found out the real power of mind and concentration. What did it me bring me more? I had a lovely four legs runner who joined me about a couple of kilometers I wanted to join with him, so I run in circles in order to don’t make him be away from its home, lots of memories came to my mind when I used to roller skate with my giant dog called Struck!!  🙂

Here there are some of the moments I want to share with all of you.

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And this is the “famous” workout


October 29th, 2011 Workout and personal best in 5kms

was out running 5.63 km in 24m:48s using Endomondo and micoach

via Endomondo Corriendo Workout.

Finally I did it,following my training plan I was supposed to do 5kms in 23 minutes in the end of December so.. 2 months before… and 30% of the training plan made, I run 5kms in 21’36” (3 miles in 20’57”) and running against a strong and icy wind

Body dates:17,3% fat 58% water I’ve lost 3 kg since the last time I weight in February (I got an analysis scale to check weight, fat and water)

In my next entry you will see my progression in 5kms  since May til now.

October 25th, 2011 workout

Was out running 12.05 km in 1h:00m:03s using Endomondo & micoach

via Endomondo Corriendo Workout.

Has been hard today, quite hard, because of the strong wind blowing against me and running up the hill, I wanted to do a longer run, but I would had finish drained, I’m not still in my best fit, so will wait. Can’t take out of my mind my last wild  night run accross the forest in the darkness, so amazing.

By the way, can’t believe today is my personal best in 10 kms 48’53”!! going up the hill, against the wind….. and I didn’t want to go fast as I took it as a relaxing and soft run! and I run 20 seconds faster I’m so surprised !

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