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Loving trail running

This is a short film about her love for the trails in British Columbia, time ago I changed my predilection in running by mountains instead of stepping the asphalt, there are lots of reasons that I will explain in the future, but watching this video is quite easy to imagine.

I have going up and down the hill, crossed rivers, ┬ájumped obstacles, saw wild life, suffered weather conditions, rain, wind, but there’s nothing like that, if you feel bored or tired… I just recommend you to try it, even walking some when you realize your heart is about to explode, or your legs can’t do one step more. Try it and explain me later.

Every time I see any video like this, have to control myself and don’t put my running shoes, so I think I won’t click on the play …. but you can, yes, and if you do it…. I don’t want to feel guilty of consequences so I’m not responsible, and all consequences is because YOU decided to do.

Be irresponsible, click and enjoy

Ps. Today April 23rd 19:15h I clicked on play button, final result… I put my running shoes and did a short 5kms run by mountain paths ­čśŤ


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